Dr. Bronecki and Dr. Sullivan of Castle Rock Dental design several different types of crowns. They choose the type based on your personal dental needs.

Metal Crowns

Gold alloy is the type of metal used in crowns created by Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Bronecki. Alloy is created using a mixture of precious metals, making the gold very strong. The best alloy on the market for creating dental crowns is currently hi-noble gold. It’s extremely durable, and an effective alternative for patients with metal allergies.
When comparing dental crown material, the one that lasts the longest is a metal crown. However, metal crowns are very visible to others.

Metal Fused Crowns: Porcelain and Ceramic Materials

Dental crowns fused using porcelain or ceramic material, tend to wear more on opposing teeth than crowns made of all metal.
Ceramic of porcelain materials can be designed so that they match the teeth that are adjacent to the crown. They give patients the durability only metal can, while giving you natural looking teeth.

Product Summary

Dental crowns are also known as “caps.” Their main purpose is to provide a complete cover over damaged teeth all the way to the gum line of gingival. Crowns help restore tooth function and appearance.

Reasons for Crowns

  • There’s decay on more than 70% of the tooth
  • An anchor is needed for a bridge
  • Placed over an implant’s abutment
  • Large filling has been weakened or a tooth has been fractured, causing a filling or tooth fracture
  • Placed over tooth which needed a “root canal”, an endodontic procedure

Both of these metal-fused dental crowns were designed at Castle Rock Dental by Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Bronecki. The one on the left was fused to the crown’s facial side, making it much less noticeable when the patient is smiling.