Denture Issues of Concern by Dr. ‘B’

Over the past few months, I have had a number of questions regarding dentures. I will try to respond in general terms while trying to address the more frequently asked questions. I hope this information helps in your decision on and how to proceed forward with your dentures.

There are a number of reasons a patient visits the dentist about denture issues. The patient may have broken them, dentures may be loose, patient may not be able to chew as well as in the past, or the patient simply may not like the way the dentures look in regards to their smile.

Dentures break for all sorts of reasons — they fall to the floor or the sink and, for those of you who have animals, they get chewed-on. Most problems like these are easily repaired, either in our office or with the help of a qualified dental lab.

If your dentures are loose, a reline is often the answer. Relines can improve the fit of a denture, especially an upper denture. A reline will have no effect on how the denture looks or chews (other than the benefit that the denture is more stable). This is often the best solution to a loose denture problem and can cost less than having a new set of dentures made.

If chewing has become a problem you are likely a longtime denture wearer who has worn the teeth down from where they were originally. The only way to deal with this is to have a new set of dentures designed for you.

There are many different types of teeth available. Like anything else, denture teeth come in all ranges of quality, from basic to awesome. Your dentist knows what is best for you. You might also like to know that the quality of the teeth affects the cosmetics of the end result (your new denture).