Dentures, which are essentially replacement teeth, are beneficial when you’re missing several of all of your teeth. They help to give you a natural looking, beautiful smile.

When a denture is placed right after your teeth have been extracted (pulled), it’s called an immediate denture. No matter how uncomfortable or painful, they must remain inserted until the next day. That’s when your post-operative appointment will take place with Dr. Bronecki.

Removing an immediate denture without the supervision of a medical specialist can cause increased pain and numerous other complications.

Follow-up care is covered in the cost of getting immediate dentures. So, never attempt to adjust your own dentures. They need to be done in the dental office, and usually take about 15-20 minutes to adjust.
Please make an appointment if you need your dentures adjusted.

Product Summary

Dentures can restore your natural smile and appearance. This is done by creating them to resemble the remaining natural teeth in your mouth. They can be created specifically for replacing lower teeth, upper teeth or both.

  • Purpose: Immediate/Emergency Denture Care
  • Same Day Repairs/Relines: Appointment Required for Relines

Relining Dentures

Bone loss occurs with everyone over time. Eventually, bone loss causes dentures to loosen. When this happens, they must be relined to reestablish a close, comfortable fit. The rate and amount of bone loss is different with each individual person.