Tooth that was restored
using white composite

Mercury free or white composite bonded restorations is typically reserved to restore the front teeth, while amalgam is used to restore the back teeth. Amalgam fillings otherwise referred to as silver fillings, contains mercury, which has been know to be toxic. Although amalgam had its place and usefulness at one time there are now better products and techniques available.

Dr. Bronecki believes that composite bonding can be used on both the front and back teeth. Composite technology has advanced so that larger restorations can be done and in some cases replace the immediate need for a crown. Composite fillings are bonded to the natural tooth and have proven to withstand the pressure and stress that commonly occurs on the back teeth. This has reduced the need for amalgam which can fracture or break over a period of time.

The malleability or softness of the composite material before it is bonded allows the dentist to remove less of the healthy tooth. Composite fillings will not discolor the natural tooth unlike amalgam that can oxidize and cause dark stains or discoloration.

Product Summary

Mercury free restorations are repairs or fillings that use a white composite material that is then bonded to the tooth . There are several white shades available to ensure the restoration will flawlessly match your tooth and appear natural.


Filling prep requires less removal of the natural tooth.

Well suited for larger restorations.

Unlike amalgam (silver) fillings after a period of time composite does not discolor or stain the natural tooth.

Restoration Appears natural and virtually undetectable.