First Appointment

We are a specialized Dental Practice with a commitment to
providing quality dental care

The First Appointment

On the first appointment a thorough examination of your complete oral health will be done. This will include a detailed examination of the teeth, soft tissue, supporting structures, alignment, bite, TMJ, and oral cancer check. A complete set of x-rays will be taken and models of your teeth will be made if necessary. All of the information that we obtain will be carefully evaluated so that we may accurately assess your dental needs. An outline of your dental evaluation and plan for treatment.

Immediate needs as well as long-term objectives will be done.

Except in cases of very minor treatment needs, an estimate of the approximate costs of treatment will also be made at this time. Again, our recommendations will be based upon an individual goal so that you receive the maximum longevity from your natural teeth. You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have concerning your dental care. We believe that successful treatment is always based on a firm understanding. Moreover, if at any time you are in doubt about a fee for a portion of your dental care, please ask anyone of our staff members. We think you will agree that the examination appointment is time well spent.

Preventive Oral Hygiene

After you examination, you will be ready for the preventative oral hygiene session. At this time you will be exposed to the latest theories and techniques for controlling periodontal disease. Specific approaches will be recommended for your individual needs. Your teeth will be cleaned by the doctor to ensure you receive maximum longevity from your natural dentition.

This is clearly one of the most valuable services we offer our patients.